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Norton Music,
the #1 producer of Band-in-a-Box aftermarket products in the world, proudly presents...
World Famous Power Tools and Toys... written by Musicians... for Musicians

They're Here! - Over 2 Years In The Making

     Two New Band-in-a-Box Style Disks

  1. Style Disk 30 - Nashville styles for Country and Southern Rock (from the Korg PA80 Collection)

  2. Style Disk 31 - Pop, Rock and Motown styles (from the Korg PA80 Collection)

     Six New Band-in-a-Box Fake Disks that accompany the following books:

  1. Fake Disk 46 - The Real Latin Book

  2. Fake Disk 47 - The Praise And Worship Fake Book 2nd Edition

  3. Fake Disk 48 - The Real Book Volume 3

  4. Fake Disk 49 - The Real Book Volume 4

  5. Fake Disk 50 - The Real Book Volume 5

  6. Fake Disk 51 - The Real Pop Book Volume 2

FREE EXPANDED User Style for Band-in-a-Box Click Me For Your Free Style

Free mp3 and Band-in-a-Box backing track

Norton Music's User Styles for Band-in-a-Box are recognized by music magazines, music educators, and musicians all over the world as the very best User Styles available for Band-in-a-Box.

They make your music sound better
They make you sound better
They are more fun to play or sing along with
Most parts are live entered for that live groove
They have been featured on Commercial Audio CD's, on Radio and TV spots, on College Textbook CD's, on Songwriter Demos, on Web Sites, in major trade magazines (like Keyboard, Electronics Musician, Jazz Times, Music and Computers and many more)
And have been enjoyed by musicians in over 100 countries in the world.

More musicians use Norton Music styles in their Band-in-a-Box than all the other aftermarket brands combined. Why? Because they sound much better than the rest. So if you want to put a better band in your box, listen to the FREE demo files, and get some world famous Norton Music User Styles and make the band Jump Out of your box!!!

Norton Music's Band-in-a-Box Innovations

Norton Music invented and implemented these innovations first, years before they were incorporated into the Band-in-a-Box program itself:

  • Norton was the first to substitute other instruments into the piano/guitar/strings patch inserting synths, saxes, brass and other instruments
  • Norton was the first to include "shots" in the styles, years before PG (Norton called them Kicks)
  • Norton was the first to make Multi-Styles, years before PG (Norton called them Mix and Match Mega styles)
  • Norton was the first to introduce EXPANDED and REDUCED styles, a full decade before PG Music included them

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One of my favorite music quotes:

"Music should strike fire from the heart of man and bring tears to the eyes of woman" ~ Ludwig van Beethoven


Fine (the end)

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Please bookmark this site, and come back often
New goodies posted weekly (I hope)
Thanks, Bob "Notes" Norton


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