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E-mail notification of new Norton Music Style Disks and Fake Disks for Band-in-a-Box

Due to the impact on the environment, I no longer offer a printed catalog. All the products I am now selling are currently on this website and it serves as my e-catalog.

    However I do send out an e-mail, once or twice a year announcing new products for Band-in-a-Box.
  • I only send it out when there is a new product to announce
  • our information will stay with Norton Music and not shared with anyone else. (I hate spam, too)

To be informed of new products, click the E-mail link below and include:
1: Your full name (given name first, family name last please)
2: Your complete, physical mailing address (include your country if outside the USA)

Click Me to be on the Thank you.

Instructions (if you need them):

To keep the SPAM-bots from automatically harvesting my e-mail address, I've installed a CAPTCHA device. When you click the e-mail link (above), a window will open that will ask you to type in two displayed words that the SPAM-bots cannot read.

If you cannot read the words, either click "Reveal email address" or the "reload arrows" icon to reload; Or you can click the speaker icon to hear and enter an audible code (for sight impaired people)

After you type in the words, click "Reveal email address" to get a "clickable" Norton Music e-mail link.

I apologize for putting you through this simple extra step, but I was receiving about 400 SPAM e-mails a day and I had to do something to stop it.

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