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Table Of Contents

1. MIDI files / Free Band-in-a-Box files / MIDI songs
1.01 FREE Band-in-a-Box song files

FREE Band-in-a-Box song files, download all you want, I'll make more
  • NEW This month's world famous, fabulous, FUNtastic, FREE Band-in-a-Box file:
    Theme from Barnaby Jones
  • The former, famous, fabulous, FUNtastic, FREE BiaB file:
    And I Love Her
  • Archives of the former FUNtastic, FREE BiaB files (indexed alphabetically by song title) - Click a link for more FREE BiaB files:
    A - F  |  G - L  |  M - R  |  S - Z
  • Archive of files from The Band-In-A-Box Independent Users Group mailing list
  • Please READ ME - © Copyright information ... what you can do with the BiaB files on this site


1.02 Fancy Introductions and Endings for General MIDI sequencers

Have you ever listened to one of those auto-play keyboards? ... Don't they have great built-in introductions and endings? ... Have you ever wished you could have those great introductions and endings without spending thousands of dollars to buy one of those keyboards? ... Well, now you can! (And they will work with PG Music's "Real Band".)


2. Band-in-a-Box Improvement Software
2.01 Norton Music's World Famous User Styles for Band-in-a-Box

Norton Music's World Famous User Style Disks for Band-in-a-Box

  • The most popular aftermarket Band-in-a-Box styles in the world, because they are the best sounding Band-in-a-Box styles in the world!
  • Do you want to put a better band in your Band-in-a-Box?
  • Do you want your Band to JUMP OUT of the box?
  • If you want to sound better, and have more fun, then you want Norton Music's World Famous Power User Style Disks for Band-in-a-Box
  • Don't take my word for it, read what musicians like you and the musical press are saying:
    • NEW! "Thanks for the great work you do! I've used many of PG Music's styles as well as yours in creating our backing tracks and find yours bring them to life much more easily and with much less tweaking." - Mike Dustan, Maple Ridge, BC, Canada
    • The (Norton Music) Style Disks are a good buy. Many of them do a great job of showing off Band-in-a-Box's capabilities, and one of them just might give you an idea for that next million dollar song. ~ Electronic Musician Magazine
    • Norton Music's User Style Disks and Fake Disks have been recommended in Keyboard Magazine, Electronic Musician Magazine, Music & Computers Magazine Bird Jazz Magazine The Micro Computer Journal, Jazz Times Magazine on the Internet, in the McGraw-Hill textbook, Multimedia Literacy by Dr. Fred T. Hoffstetter, in many other publications and by word of mouth by musicians from all over the world.
READ ME FIRST for general information about all Norton Music User Style Disks
Listen to Audio Demo Files or Purchase Singe Styles here January 26, 2015
Buying styles by the disk is your most economical way of supercharging your Band-in-a-Box (about $1.00 per style)

Click me for a Mega-Multi-Disk-Discount-Deal

Plus Fancy Intro/Ending disks in General MIDI format designed to be compatible with Norton Music User Style Disks...


2.02 Norton Music Fake Disks for Band-in-a-Box

What Are Fake Disks? READ ME FIRST for general information about all Norton Music Fake Disks...
Norton Music's Fake Book Disks for Band-in-a-Box. The most songs for the buck (as little as 7 per song). It's like having an instant party!!!
Click the links below for specific information about:


2.03 Roy Hawkesford's Arrangement Disks for Band-in-a-Box
Great, User Style and Song disks written by English Jazz Educator, Roy Hawkesford. Roy calls them "Arrangement Disks", and they contain up to 50 songs and compatible styles per disk!


2.04 Jim Wedd's Chord Substitution Disk for Band-in-a-Box
Jim has a real talent for making great sounding chord substitutions in jazz "standard" tunes that singers and instrumentalists love. Now Jim is sharing his "secret" changes with the rest of the world. Check it out!!!


2.05 David Bailey's Fake Disk for Band-in-a-Box
David Bailey is a respected music educator. This low cost fake disk/book has grown out of his private lessons and it compliments The Definitive Jazz Collection by Hal Leonard. Separate books are available so Bb, Eb and C instruments can play along together. Norton Music is proud to present:
David Bailey's Fake Disk #1 for Band-in-a-Box

Following the success of his first disk, David gives us:
David Bailey's Fake Disk #2 for Band-in-a-Box - Just Standards Real Book

2.06 Sherry Mayrent's Klezmer Style/Song Disk for Band-in-a-Box
Introducing, from Sherry Mayrent, 30 year Associate Director of KlezKamp, and musical director of the Wholesale Klezmer Band comes a style/song disk with authentic Klezmer styles (both traditional and "New York") and over 100 Klezmer "Standard" tunes!!!
Klezmorim in a Kestl  (Yiddish for "musicians in a box")

2.07 Support Files
Support Files for Norton Band-in-a-Box products.

F.A.Q. (Frequently Asked Questions)

3. Essential Musician's Tools, Toys and Tips
3.01 Sheet Music Direct

Sheet Music Direct ... Looking for a song? ... Piano Solo? ... Wedding Music? ... Need it yesterday? ...
Download authorized legal sheet music from the web and use your printer to instantly print it out!
3.02 Norton's MOM (Mail Order Music) presents "Fake Book Heaven" and more!!!

Fake books are the best selling music books because they give you the most songs for your money. Browse the over 90 different fake book titles in Fake Book Heaven. Jazz, Rock, Country, Pop, Blues, R&B, Latin-American, Christian, Jewish, Celtic, Variety, Classical, TV, Movie, Old, New, and more categories are available for pennies per song!

Play Better Music with Basic Music Theory, Jazz Theory and Improvisation Books

Winter Holidy gig Heaven Over 50 Christmas Song Books in this newest addition to Norton's M.O.M.

3.03 Yamaha WX5 Wind Controller and VL70-m synth module Tips and Tricks

WX5 Tips and Tricks: Yamaha's new WX5 may be the most expressive wind MIDI controller on the market today. It is a little tricky to set up. Here is a FREE guide to help you get the most out of your WX5. This guide has been recommended by the International Wind Synthesis Association and many happy WX5 users!

My tweaked voices for the WX5/VL70-m with the Patchman TURBO chip installed -- FREE download.

Hear me play WX7/VL70-m on some short mp3 clips using the free tweaks (above)

37 Freeware Voices for your VL70-m's Custom Bank -- Best of the Windlist great for using with any wind controller! These voices were voted as the best by the members of the Windlist, a mailing list for wind synth players.

3.04 How to make and use Backing Tracks on stage

This Page explains how to make and use Backing Tracks on stage whether they were started from scratch or generated by an auto accompaniment program like Band-in-a-Box.
3.05 List of MIDI Continuous Controller Numbers

A complete list of MIDI controller numbers and short notes on their function can be accessed here
4. Goodies for Musicians and Non-musicians
4.01 The Sophisticats, Music With Sax Appeal

The Sophisticats' Home Page. Leilani Chandler and Bob "Notes" Norton are The Sophisticats ...
The best two-piece band on the Treasure Coast of Florida.


4.02 Humor :-D

Humor, jokes, FUNny stories ... because a sense of humor is one of mankind's greatest gifts ;-D ...

4.03 Links

Links: IMHO some of the very best sites on the web ... let me share some of my favorite web sites with you. (caution - dead link zone)

4.04 CD's, Books, Software and merchandise at a discount

Sooner or later you are going to shop at for Software, Books, CDs, DVDs, Electronics, Gifts, Toys, etc. Get the same famous discount price and Amazon will contribute a portion of the profits to a worthy cause if you click here before going to

When you click the above link, a percentage of the proceeds will go to the Saint Lucie Musicians Retirement Fund. Thank you very much.

5. General Information About Norton Music
5.01 Information About Bob "Notes" Norton and Norton Music
  • General information about Bob "Notes" Norton and Norton Music
  • Norton Music's environmental policy
  • Norton Music's privacy policy
  • Quantity Discounts for dealers and re-sellers of Norton Music products
  • Please Note: As with everyone else in the software industry, all sales are final. Defective products will be replaced, but I cannot issue a refund on any software products.


5.02 Contact Norton Music

E-Mail: E-mail me!

...Or you may snail mail your message (please type or print legibly, I can't read your mind) to:
Norton Music's Funware
PO Box 13149
Fort Pierce, FL 34979-3149, USA


"Take a music bath once or twice a week for a few seasons, and you will find that it is to the soul what the water bath is to the body." ~ Oliver Wendell Holmes.

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