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Norton Music's Fake Disk #46
For Band-in-a-Box (with compatible Fake Book)

The Real Latin Fake Disk

Plus the optional book by Hal Leonard
The Real Latin Fake Book

400 Great Latin American Tunes / Música Latina en su máxima expresión

Information and Ordering Complete Song List

Salsa, Merengue, Mambo, Rhumba, Bolero, Cumbia, Bossa Nova, Samba, Cha Cha, Son Montuno, Tango, Guaracha, Beguine, Son, Lambada, Songo, Calypso, Baiao, Flamenco, Paso Doble, Descarga, Ranchera, Partido Alto, Mercumbé, Latin Funk, Latin Rock,
Latin Swing, Latin Pop, Latin Disco, Latin Jazz, Afro/Cuban, Nuyorican, and more ...

Musica Latina the entire world sings

This disk contains the chord progressions of Hal Leonard's "The Real Latin Book". Each song has a suggested style assigned to it, but you are free to change the style to any other style you might prefer.

Excerpts of a review of the book by Steve Neff.

  • "...The Real Latin Book has 576 pages of very cool Latin tunes. If you don’t play much Latin music some of the tempo markings and feels might be a mystery to you……bolero, rumba, pasodoble, ranchera, mambo, guaracha, cumbia, mercumbe, etc……. The Real Latin Book does have a number of the classic Latin tunes within it’s pages as you would expect from a descent Real Book on Latin tunes. A few of them that you probably already know are Begin the Beguine, Black Orchid, Chitlins Con Carne, Desafinado, Triste, Gentle Rain, The Girl From Ipanema, Meditation, etc……….Many of these are in The Real Book Volume 1 but you know that they would also have to be included in any book that calls itself “The Real Latin Book”. It even has some more popular tunes like La Bamba and Evil Ways in it."
  • The book is also filled with many tunes that I have never played nor heard of before. (That’s why I got it……) Like Compadre Pedro Juan, Contigo Aprendi, Con Tu Amor, Cuando vivas Conmigo, etc…………(I knew I should have taken Spanish instead of French in High School…………)
  • As always, Hal Leonard has done a great job with the production of this book. The tunes are written in the typical easy to read “Real Book style” and are spaced out to two pages when needed to make them easy to read and not all cluttered on one page.

A cross section of Latin American style sonwriters from North, Central, and South America and their songs that cross the language barriers.

A short list of the songwriters include: Osvaldo Farrés Antonio Carlos Jobim Carlos Santana Eric Madriguera Ricardo Romero Marcos Valle Mongo Santamaria Vinicus De Moraes Silvano Ramos Juanito Márquez Ernesto Lecuona Julio Iglesias José Alfredo Jiménez Gabriel Ruiz Ricardo López Méndez Mario Pupparo Luiz Bonfá Juan Gabriel Tito Puente Milton Nascimento Héctor Osuna Nilo Menéndez Toninho Horta Chick Corea Agustín Lara Mario Bauza Pacho Galán Margarita Lecuona Ary Barroso Rubén Blades Cole Porter Baden Powell De Aquino Consuelo Velázquez João Gilberto Cal Tjader Rafael Hernández César Rosas Willie Colón Herbie Hancock Marcel Louiguy Ray Barretto Ivan Lins Luis Alberti Jorge Ben Don Mario Alvarez Johnny Ortiz Humberto Nieves Astor Piazzolla Newton Mendonça Enrique Iglesias Ary Barroso Roberto Cantoral Pascual Marquina Bruno Martino Johnny Pacheco Djavan Viana Alberto Domínguez Djalma Ferreira Vince Guaraldi Pepe Guizar José Fernández Díaz Jaime Nunó Julio Gutiérrez Armando Manzanero Jacob Gade Belén Ortega Djavan Ritchie Valens Juan Esteban Aristizábal Ronaldo Bastos Rudy Calzado Bobby Collazo Gato Barbieri Raul Portela Kieth Jarrett Tito Rodríguez Pérez Prado Lorenzo Barcelata Jorge Ben Chucho Monge Xavier Cugat Horace Silver Jayme Silva Neuza Teixeira Eddie Palmieri Eliane Elias Luiz Gonzaga Nacimento Alvaro Carillo Roberto Menescal Zequinha Abreu Haroldo Lobo Sérgio Ricardo
...and hundreds more

Just browse the song list in the right hand column to see the song titles contained in this book/disk!

I also suggested a style for each song from all the styles that were available for Band-in-a-Box when I compiled this disk. It is not necessary to have the book or my styles to enjoy this disk, but your fun will definitely be enhanced if you do.

The Fine Print: This disk is GUARANTEED to work with Band-in-a-Box • In the unlikely event the product is defective or gets corrupted during delivery, it will be replaced. • The melody and lyrics to each song are included in the optional Fake BOOKS. • All copyrights are honored and royalties paid to the copyright holders. • It is important to note that all Norton Music Fake DISKS contain chord progressions only... There are no copyrighted melodies or lyrics on the Fake DISKS. The song titles are used only to identify a particular chord progression. • The song titles used are not the only songs to share any particular chord progression but conservation of space limits me to listing only one title per chord progression. • The degree of compatibility of the songs with the currently available styles for Band-in-a-Box varies. • There are no user styles in any of the fake disks either by PG Music (the creators of Band-in-a-Box) or by Norton Music. • As is typical in the software industry, all sales are final.

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Norton Music's Fake Disk #46
for Band-in-a-Box
Requires version 5 or higher of Band-in-a-Box
Optimized for version 2004 and up

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Get The Compatible Book Here
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The Real Latin Book
Hal Leonard

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IMPORTANT: Be sure to buy a new (not used) book as there are many different editions of most fake books. The Norton Music fake disk is compatible only with most recent edition of the fake book. If you buy an used, older edition, all the songs in the disk will not match the songs in the book.

The Real Latin Book

... and put a Better Band in your Box  

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Browse the song list in the right hand column to see the song titles contained in this book/disk!


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● "Thanks for the great work you do! I've used many of PG Music's styles as well as yours in creating our backing tracks and find yours bring them to life much more easily and with much less tweaking." - Mike Dustan, Maple Ridge, BC, Canada

● "We feel fortunate that someone on the BIAB forum suggested your fake book disks to us. For amateur musicians, you and your wife provide a very valuable service and quality product that is very useful. You have been very kind and patient in answering our simplistic questions. The end result is that we are able to bring a little cheer to the folks in retirement homes and hospitals. It's incredible that some who may have not spoken for months begin to sing some song that they recognize. We look around and many are smiling and tapping their hands or feet. This is the payment that we receive and we are very thankful for it. I wish more "senior" musicians would perform some tunes for the infirmed folks." - Stan Smith - Redding CA

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● "Happy to report that I was able to download to disk and then had no trouble getting it installed in BIAB. Have made tapes of several tunes and am playing over the wonderful backups with my cello or clarinet at many of the convelescent facilities I "teach" my adult education classes in "Adventures in Music." Thrilled with your tasty backkups and appreciate variations in second choruses etc. - Dave Walter - Livermore CA

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● "Before I found Norton Styles I had no life. Now I still have no life, but at least there's a great soundtrack!" - Steve Cox, Memphis, TN

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● "As I am typing this note, I am listening to a BIAB melody which came from a relatively random assignment of chords and one of your styles. It doesn't feel like midi at all, but rather as if I had tapped into some internet radio station broadcasting a live concert of real musicians." - Henry Lefkowitz - Columbia MD

● "Both disks are installed and work properly. Great job, they sound very professional. Bravo!" - C. Miville Bois - Ville d'Anjou PC Canada

● "Thank you very much for the e mail delivery of my order for Norton Styles ... Wow!! that's a great way for delivery - everything done in less than a day. I'm already enjoying your styles having tried many of them out - it feels like Christmas time and it's most exciting to see all your new ideas... Thank you very much for all the fun and satisfaction that your programs bring. The style picker window update download is fabulous . Now I can see all your styles on the screen instead of having to go to your documentation - which is excellent too by the way." - John Potts - Elmvale, ON Canada

● "Everything is now cool - what great work! My very brief perusal was gratifying - can hardly wait for school to be out so I can really get into the new styles you wrote." - Dave Murray - Valley Center CA

● "I have tried out some of the files, and I must say that I am very satisfied... I shall use them for "Look up notes" in a Blues project I am working with now for a friend of mine, who are a Good Blues singer. It is also very helpful for the musicians who shall play on the project to have some ground to stand on. Without the work you have done here, this would have taken much more time. I am there for just glad, to also could pay for the work you have done here." - Bjørn Pedersen - Tromso Norway

● "I had a very brief chance to listen to a few of the files. Great work! makes even a cheap soundcard sound 100% better." - Mark Andrews - Hunt Valley MD

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● "Hello, received the download and everything is working great. I look forward to ordering more of your product. ... I was very impressed with your Styles Disk #10, and as I said before I look forward to ordering more of your products. Thank You." - Santiago Rodriguez, Riverside, CA

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● "These styles are 'saucy and enchanting!' They really do expand the offerings in your collection and the jazz buffs are going to love the subtle extras you have all over the place, especially in percussion." - Steve Cox, Memphis TN

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● "I just wanted to respond and say how much I appreciate the personal interest you've taken in me as a customer. I'm so impresed that I made sure to write this right away. ... Nowadays it is very rare to find business people who take genuine interest in their clients and customers. To put yourself in your clients shoes is a very admirable quality. ... Once again I would like to thank you and praise your business ethics. There should be more people like you. I look forward to making my next purchase from you knowing that I'll receive a good product and excellent service. Sincerely, ~ Don Barayuga" - donafied@....

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● "...You've created some really groovy material to work with..." - Virgil Dugger - N. Charleston, SC

● "Nice work, Bob!" - Stan Haywood - The Netherlands

● "We are using your styles - they work - good punch!" - H. Holmes - Palm Bch. Gardens, FL

● "Great Styles - real stuff I can use." - Rick Hubbard - Hilton Head, SC

● "I get compliments every time I play somewhere, and I give you credit." - John Keel - Davison, MI

● "They are superb...just a terrific job..." - Norman Krygier - West Seneca, NY

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● "Bonjour Bob: Holy smoke! What a variety of top quality styles! There is not a single one that I don't like. Are you by any chance like French wine, that is "the older the better"? I for one one definitely think so..." ~ Jean-Louis Belard, Morgantown WV

● "My favorite Birthday present this year? A Bob Norton styles disk for my Band-In-The-Box program. Your styles disks bring the sounds generated by Band-In-The-Box to a new level. Canned music without the can. As a composer and a musician, I find that I am pleased with the sounds that come out. I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for taking the time to put your musical expertise into a form that can be utilized by others . . . and especially me. Thanks!" - John Carlile -

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● "...and EVERYONE WHO HAS Band-In-A-Box SHOULD ALSO HAVE THOSE THIRD PARTY, NORTON MUSIC USER STYLES!!! They make a good thing (BIAB) even better. Much better. You can even gig with these styles. I answered his ad on AOL (screen name NotesNortn) and was I glad I did. They are the icing on the cake." - semitone@____.___

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● "Just a note to say thank you very much. I received the User Style disks this morning, installed them into BB and WOW! What an improvement on PG Music's styles, especially connected to the Roland JV 1080 sound module. I'm really itching to work with it, but it will have to wait 'till tomorrow. And from next week I'm on leave, so you'll know where to find me. Thank's once again for your prompt service. Give me time to work through this lot and then I'll place an order for the other disks." -

● "Norton gives us what Band In The Box needs most; styles that jump 'OUT of the box' and into your imagination!" ~ Steve Cox, Memphis, TN

● "In fact I will be recommending [in my new book] that people not even use Band-In-In-A-Box UNLESS THEY USE YOUR STYLES WITH IT! I'm not sure how you do it, but you make an average program turn into one on the "honor roll"! if you know what I mean. (I don't mean to say that all of PG's stuff is bad. They do hit a good style here & there.(jazz styles etc...)... but any musician that's honest would have to say that a lot of it is "square"). Your styles give it a more realistic, "live" feel.... thus the name of the program should then be changed to A-REAL-BAND-OUT-OF-THE-BOX"---- Maybe you should advertise.... "Is it LIVE...or is it NORTON? Guess that's already taken...Just a thought." ~ Keith Burrows - Trumpet Sound Music Productions - Terre Haute, IN

● "I just installed your styles and they work very nice. I just have to tell you that I couldn't imagine that Band-in-a-Box could sound like that. It's a great pleasure to work with these sounds." - Alfred Niederhofer, Regensburg, Germany

● "Thank you very much for your kindness in the middle of Christmas. I am really satisfied with these new styles, and my fake books are starting to really work as they should. I also have to say that I am very impressed over the work you have done with it, and I'm really looking forward to start to work with it in my studio. Not so very long time from now I will buy the rest of them, because I think they work perfectly as a back up for my artists. They sound right." Best regards from Bjørn "Worse" Pedersen

● "...meanwhile I had the time to listen to all the new styles I bought last week. They are marvelous!!! Thanks a lot! Ulrich Maier - Email: CUMaier@____.___

● "Everythings are OK and the new "superstyles" are installed. I must say, that your styles are the best ever made for BIAB. I really like them." ~ Erkki Viinikka - Espoo Finland

● "... Also, have had a chance to quickly go through the styles, and they sound GREAT. Thanks a lot!" - Darcy Brand - Calgary AB Canada

● "Thanks very much your styles are very good. will be ordering more soon." - Kevin Ryan - Victoria BC Canada

Here are the titles of all of the tunes contained in this disk and/or book:

"Linked" titles are free samples and are exactly as they appear in the fake disk.


• 500 Miles High


• Acercate Mas
• Adelita
• Adios Tristeva
• Adios
• Adoro
• Afro Blue
• Agua De Beber
• Aguardiente De Cana
• Aguas De Marco
• All That's Left Is To Say Goodbye
• Alla En El Rancho Grande
• Alma Con Alma
• Alonzo
• Always In My Heart
• Amantes
• Amapola
• Amarga Navidad
• Amor (Amor, Amor, Amor)
• Amor A La Mexicana
• Amor Artificial
• Amor Eterno
• Amor Gitano
• Amor Prohibido
• Amorcito Corazon
• Amparo
• Ana Luiza
• And I Love Her
• Anema E Core
• Anima
• Anos Dourados
• Antiqua
• Aquellos Ojos Verdes
Aqui, Oh!
• Armando's Rhumba
• Arroyito
• Asi Fue
• At The Mambo Inn
• Aunque Me Cueste La Vida
• Ausencia
• Ay Cosita Linda


• Babalu
• Baia (Bahia)
• Barbados
• Begin The Beguine
• Bella Senora
• Berimbau
• Besame Mucho
• Bim-Bom
• Black Orchid
• Blue Tango
• Bonita
• Borzequim
• Bossa Antiqua
• Breeze And I (The)
• Brigas Nunca Mais
• Bruca Manigua
• Burundanga


• Cachita
• Call Me
• Cancion Del Mariachi
• Cantelope Island
• Captain Bacardi
• Captain Marvel
• Capullito De Alheli
• Cariba
• Carioca (The)
• Cast Your Fate To The Wind
• Castigame
• Chega De Saudade
• Cherry Pink And Apple Blossom White
• Chitlins Con Carne
• Cien Anos
• Cocinando
• Coisa Feita
• Comecar De Novo
• Compadre Pedro Juan
• Con Alma
• Con Tu Amor
• Constant Pain (The)
• Contigo Aprendi
• Contigo En La Distancia
• Copacabana
• Coracao Apaixonado
• Corazon Corazon (Napoleon)
• Corazon, Corazon (Jimenez)
• Costumbres
• Cu-Cu-Rru-Cu-Cu
• Cuando Vivas Conmigo
• Cuanto Le Gusta
• Cuban Lullaby
• Cumana
• Cumbia Raza
• Curves Ahead


• Dame Un Cachito Pa'Huele
• Dansero
• De Mi Enamorate.
• De Un Mundo Raro
• Deeper Shade Of Soul (A)
• Dejame Vivir
• Delicado
• Desafinado
• Despues De Ti
• Deve Ser Amor
• Dicen Por Ahi
• Dindi
• Dios Le Pido (A)
• Don't Cry For Me Argentina
• Don't Ever Go Away
• Double Rainbow


• E Luxo So
• Ebony Samba
• Echale Salsita
• Echame A Mi La Culpa
• El Cazangero
• El Choclo
• El Cumbanchero
• El Destino
• El Hijo Del Pueblo
• El Mexico Que Se Nos Fue
• El Relicario
• El Reloj
• El Triste
• Ela E Carioca, et al.
• En El Mar
• En El Muelle De San Blas
• Encantigo
• End Of A Love Affair (The)
• Eres Tu-Touch-The Wind
• Esa Mujer
• Esa Triste Guitarra
• Escape (The Pina Colada Song)
• Espana Cani
• Estate
• Estrada Branca
• Estrellas De Fania
• Eu Sei Que Vou Te Amar
• Evil Ways


• Feelings
• Felicidade (A)
• Festa Do Interior
• Fijate Bien
• Flamingo
• Flor De Lis
• Fool On The Hill (The)
• Footprints
• For Once In My Life
• Frenesi
• Friends


• Gema
• Gentle Rain
• Gift! (The)
• Ginza Samba
• Girl From Ipanema (The)
• Gitanerias
• Granada
• Guadalajara
• Guantanamera


• Hasta Que Te Conoci
• Hernando's Hideaway
• Hey
• Himno Nacional Mexicano
• Historia De Un Amor
• Ho-Ba-La-La
• How Insensitive
• Huracan


• If You Never Come To Me
• Indestructible
• Inolvidable
• Invitation
• It's Impossible
• It's You


• Jalousie
• Jingo (Jin-Go-Lo-Ba)
• Jive Samba (The)
• Jogral
• Joyce's Samba


• Key Largo
• Killer Joe
• Kiss Of Fire


• La Bamba
• La Barca
• La Camisa Negra
• La Comparsa
• La Cosecha De Mujeres
• La Fiesta
• La Fuerza De Amar
• La Ley Del Monte
• La Malaguena
• La Malanga
• La Murga Panamena
• La Paloma
• La Pollera Colora
• La Rajita De Canela
• La Ultima Noche
• Lagrimas Negras
• Lagrimas
• Lamento Borincano
• Lamento
• Last Tango In Paris
• Latin Perspective
• Libertango
• Ligia
• Linda Chicana
• Linha De Passe
• Lisbon Antigua
• Little Boat
• Livin' La Vida Loca
• Llornando Se Fue
• Look Of Love (The)
• Look To The Sky
• Los Marcianos
• Love Me With All Your Heart
• Luciana
• Lucky Southern
• Luiza


• Make Me A Memory
• Malaguena
• Mama Guela
• Mama Inez
• Mamblues
• Mambo #5
• Mambo #8
• Mambo Jambo
• Man And A Woman (A)
• Manana
• Mangos
• Mania De Maria
• Manteca
• Maria Elena
• Maria La O
• Mas Que Nada
• Me Voy Pa'l Pueblo
• Meditation
• Menina Flor
• Mexico Lindo
• Miami Beach Rumba
• Modinha
• Mojave
• Moon And Sand
• More
• Morning Dance
• Mucho Corazon
• Mujer
• Music To Watch Girls By
• My Little Suede Shoes
• My Shawl


• Negra Consentida
• Never On Sunday
• Nica's Dream
• Night Has A Thousand Eyes (The)
• Night In Tunisia (A)
• No Me Quieras Tanto
• No Quiero Na' Regalao
• No Tengo Dinero
• No Volvere
• Noche De Ronda
• Nosotros
• Nuestro Juramento
• Nunca Te Olvidare


• O Astronauta
• O Bebado E A Equilibrista
• O Grande Amor
• O Me Quieres O Me Dejas
• O Morro Nao Tem Vez
• O Nosso Amor
• O Pato
• O Xote Das Meninas
• Oblivion
• Obsesion
• On The Border
• Once I Loved
• One Note Samba
• Only Once In My Life
• Only Trust Your Heart
• Orchids In The Moonlight
• Otra Vez
• Oye Como Va


• Pa'Gozar
Pablo Pueblo
• Palo Pa'Rumba
• Paloma Blanca
• Papa Gato
• Papa Loves Mambo
• Para Ti
• Pare Cochero
• Passarim
• Patricia, It's Patricia
• Paulistana
• Peanut Vendor (The)
• Pensativa
• Perdoname, Olvidalo
• Perfidia
• Perfume De Gardenia
• Photograph
• Picadillo (A La Puente)
• Pois E
• Ponteio
• Por Amor
• Porque Tu Me Acostumbraste
• Preciosa


• Quando, Quando, Quando
• Que Bueno Baila Usted
• Que Rico Vacilon
• Que Seas Feliz
• Quedate Conmigo Esta Noche
• Querida
• Quien Sera
• Quiero Dormir Cansado
• Quiet Nights Of Quiet Stars (Corcovado)
• Quiet Village
• Quijote
• Quizas, Quizas, Quizas


• Ran Kan Kan
• Recorda Me
• Red Blouse (The)
• Resemblance
• Rhythm Of The Rain
• Romance De Amor
• Rum And Coca-Cola


• Sabia
• Sabor A Mi
• Sabras Que Te Quiero
• Samba Cantina
• Samba Dees Days
• Samba Pa Ti
• Sanduguera
• Say Si-Si
• Se A Cabo
• Se Me Olvido Otra Vez
• Se Todos Fossem Iguais A Voce
• Senor Mouse
• Si Madame
• Siempre En Mi Mente
• Similau
• Simple Samba
• Sin Tu Carino
• Sin Un Amor
• So Danco Samba
• So Nice
• So Tinha De Ser Com Voce
• Son De La Loma
• Sonambulo
• Song For My Father
• Song Of The Jet
• Song Of The Sabia
• Soul Sauce
• South Of The Border
• Soy Guajiro
• Spain
• Spanish Harlem
• Speak Low
• St. Thomas
• Suavecito
• Sunshower


• Taboo
• Tango Of Roses
• Te Desafio
• Te Sigo Amando
• Telephone Song
• That Look You Wear
• This Masquerade
• Tico Tico
• Tide
• Tiger Of San Pedro
• Time Was
• Tin Tin Deo
• Totem Pole
• Tres Lindas Cubanas
• Tres Palabras
• Triste
• Tristeza
• Tu Solo Tu


• Um A Zero
• Un Poco Loco
• Un Sentimental
• Usted Se Me Llevo La Vida
• Usted


• Ven Y Dame Un Poco Mas
• Vera Cruz
• Veracruz
• Viva Tirado
• Vivo Sonhando
• Voy A Apagar La Luz


• Watch What Happens
• Watermelon Man
• Wave
• What A Diff'rence A Day Made
• Whatever Lola Wants


• Y Pensar
• Y Tu Que Has Hecho
• Ya No Me Vuelvo A Enamorar
• Yellow Days
• Yesterday I Heard The Rain
• You Belong To My Heart
• You'll Never Find Another Love Like Mine
• You're Everything
• Yours


• Zelao
• Zingaro


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