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Norton Music's Fake Disk #48
For Band-in-a-Box (with compatible Fake Book)

The Real Book Fake Disk Vol.III

Plus the optional book by Hal Leonard
The Real Book Vol.III
Second Edition

The Jazz Players Bible Vol.III
400 More Great Jazz Songs

There are NO REPEATS in any of the Real Book jazz volumes

Information and Ordering Complete Song List

Another Fake Disk based on
The Real Book Series

The follow up to the
all-time best-selling Jazz Book
is now available for Band-in-a-Box
as a Fabulous Fake Disk

After compiling a fake disk from The Real Book (Sixth Edition), Norton Fake Disk #37, the most frequent request I received was for me to create a fake disk for The rest of of The Real Book series. Years in the making, another e-disk is finally here!

By your requests, we made some changes. MIDI styles are the default and a Real Style suggestion by PG Music should appear in a pop-up box. That way, both MIDI and Real Style users can choose their preferred mode of playback.

The Real Books are the best-selling jazz books of all time. Since the 1970s, musicians have trusted these volumes to get them through every gig, night after night. The problem is that the books were illegally produced and distributed without any copyrights or royalties paid to the master composers who created these musical canons. Hal Leonard is very proud to present the first legitimate and legal editions of these books ever produced. You won't even notice the difference...the covers look the same, the engravings look the same, the songlist is nearly identical, and the price remains fair even on a musician's salary! But every conscientious musician will appreciate that these books are now produced legally and ethically, benefiting the songwriters that we owe for some of the greatest music ever written! And Norton Music is proud to present the companion fake disk. 400 songs.

It's a "Who's Who" of Jazz Composers

The list of famous jazz songwriters include: Tom Adair Nat Adderly
Fred E Ahlert Steve Allen Arthur Altman Harold Arlen Burt Bacharach
Chet Baker Dave Barbour Howard Barnes Kenny Barron Ary Barroso
Jorge Ben Irving Berlin Elmer Bernstein Joe Bishop Rube Bloom
Luis Bonfa Brooks Bowman Randy Brecker Jerry Brooks Lew Brown
Sonny Burke Ralph Burns Kenny Burrell Sammy Cahn Hoagy Carmichael
Harry Carroll Ornette Coleman Chic Corea George Cory Charles Davis
Miles Davis Matt Dennis Vincius De Morales Gene DePaul Paul Desmond
Buddy DeSylva Walter Donaldson Jimmy Dorsey Milton Drake Vernon Duke
Duke Ellington Mercer Ellington Bill Evans Sammy Fain Osvaldo Farres
Dorothy Fields Marvin Fischer Dan Fisher Fred Fisher Dave Frishberg
Erroll Garner John "Dizzy" Gillespie Benny Golson Jay Gradon Eddie Green
Earle Hagen James S Hall Arthur Hamilton Lionel Hampton Herbie Hancock
Yip Harburg Jesse Harris Coleman Hawkins Neal Hefti Ray Henderson
Victor Herbert Irene Higginbotham Billy Hill Walter Hirsch Billie Holiday
Frederick Hollander Gordon Jenkins Al Jarreau Antonio Carlos Jobim
Alan Rankin Jones Bert Kaempfert Gus Kahn Buddy Kaye Jerome Kern
Carole King Ted Koehler Fred Lacey Burton Lane Jack Lawrence
John LaTouche Turner Layton Jay Livingston Ernesto Lecuona Frederick Loewe
Eugene McDaniels Jimmy McHugh Armando Manzanero Pat Martino Lyle Mays
Nilo Menendez Johnny Mercer Pat Metheny Bernie Miller
John L "Wes" Montgomery Fleecie Moore Gerry Mulligan Henry Nemo
Sammy Nestico Ray Noble Sy Oliver Charlie Parker Dorothy Parker
Jaco Pastorius Bernice Petkere Cole Porter Neville Potter Earl "Bud" Powell
Perez Prado Joe Raposo Andy Razaf Edward C Redding Django Reinhardt
Emily Remler Wellard Robinson Richard Rodgers Fred Rose Vincent Rose
Gabriel Ruiz Bob Russell Arthur Schwartz Woody Shaw Arthur Siegel
Carl Sigman Horace Silver Dolores "Vicki" Silvers Harold Spina
Mike Stern Sting Billy Strayhorn Jule Styne Mel Torme Charles Trenet
Bobby Troup McCoy Tyner Marcos Valle James Van Heusen
Consuelo Velazquez Thomas "Fats" Waller Cedar Walton Harry Warren
Grady Watts Mabel Wayne Kurt Weill Robert Wells Kenny Werner
Richard A. Whiting Alec Wilder Paul Williams Bill Withers Tommy Wolf
Guy Wood Lawrence Wright (Horatio Nicholls) Jack Yellen Joe Young
and many, many more!!!

Just browse the song list in the right hand column to see the song titles contained in this book/disk!

I also suggested a style for each song from all the styles that were available for Band-in-a-Box when I compiled this disk. It is not necessary to have the book or my styles to enjoy this disk, but your fun will definitely be enhanced if you do.

The Fine Print: This disk is GUARANTEED to work with Band-in-a-Box • In the unlikely event the product is defective or gets corrupted during delivery, it will be replaced. • The melody and lyrics to each song are included in the optional Fake BOOKS. • All copyrights are honored and royalties paid to the copyright holders. • It is important to note that all Norton Music Fake DISKS contain chord progressions only... There are no copyrighted melodies or lyrics on the Fake DISKS. The song titles are used only to identify a particular chord progression. • The song titles used are not the only songs to share any particular chord progression but conservation of space limits me to listing only one title per chord progression. • The degree of compatibility of the songs with the currently available styles for Band-in-a-Box varies. • There are no user styles in any of the fake disks either by PG Music (the creators of Band-in-a-Box) or by Norton Music. • As is typical in the software industry, all sales are final.

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Norton Music's Fake Disk #48
for Band-in-a-Box
Requires version 5 or higher of Band-in-a-Box
Optimized for version 2004 and up

Only $49.99 ...
And you can SAVE up to $7.00 Per Disk

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For all Windows and Mac Versions of Band-in-a-Box
PC and Mac downloads are zip compressed for fast delivery
• All credit card purchases get automatic, instant e-delivery
• and all files are certified virus-free for your protection

Get The Compatible Book Here
(Book Only • buy the disk in the box above)

The Real Book, Vol III, Second Edition
Hal Leonard

Amazon has one of the lowest prices I've found and
most books can be shipped free (with a minimum purchase)

Click The Link To The Right

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IMPORTANT: Be sure to buy a new (not used) book as there are many different editions of most fake books. The Norton Music fake disk is compatible only with most recent edition of the fake book. If you buy an used, older edition, all the songs in the disk will not match the songs in the book.

The Real Book Volume III

... and put a Better Band in your Box  

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Browse the song list in the right hand column to see the song titles contained in this book/disk!


● "The (Norton Music) Style Disks are a good buy. Many of them do a great job of showing off Band-In-A-Box's capabilities, and one of them just might give you an idea for that next million dollar song."
  ~ Electronic Musician Magazine

● "I bought a disk and some individual styles from "Notes". They really are as good as the Real styles. Not sure how he does it." Erik Hansen (Posted on the Yahoo Band-in-a-Box group.)

● "Bob, I purchased three of your newly released fake books. I would like let you know how much enjoyment I am getting from them. They are a bargain. For the work you guys put into them it is hard to believe. The style selection and arrangements are excellent. One song is worth the price of the software. I have purchased many fake books from you over the years, these are great. Keep up good work,thanks." - Tony Difurio

● "Thanks for the great work you do! I've used many of PG Music's styles as well as yours in creating our backing tracks and find yours bring them to life much more easily and with much less tweaking." - Mike Dustan, Maple Ridge, BC, Canada

● "We feel fortunate that someone on the BIAB forum suggested your fake book disks to us. For amateur musicians, you and your wife provide a very valuable service and quality product that is very useful. You have been very kind and patient in answering our simplistic questions. The end result is that we are able to bring a little cheer to the folks in retirement homes and hospitals. It's incredible that some who may have not spoken for months begin to sing some song that they recognize. We look around and many are smiling and tapping their hands or feet. This is the payment that we receive and we are very thankful for it. I wish more "senior" musicians would perform some tunes for the infirmed folks." - Stan Smith - Redding CA

● "I decided to check out your styles disks, because everyone in the user group was "talking about them. WOW! I listened to your samples and what a difference they are from the standard BIAB styles. ...Your styles are GREAT! Fantastic! Creative! Outstanding! -- I can't come up with enough superlatives to describe them. Thank you for taking the time to create them and for sharing them with others! - Alice Bartley" - Renton WA

● "Happy to report that I was able to download to disk and then had no trouble getting it installed in BIAB. Have made tapes of several tunes and am playing over the wonderful backups with my cello or clarinet at many of the convelescent facilities I "teach" my adult education classes in "Adventures in Music." Thrilled with your tasty backkups and appreciate variations in second choruses etc. - Dave Walter - Livermore CA

● "I just wanted to let you know that I've been very happy with having all of these new styles available. I've been using them in most of the new files I've made and just wish that I would have bought them a couple of years ago." - Debra Ackley - Potterville MI

● Thanks you so much for the quick follow-up with my order. Was afraid I would have to wait a couple of days for the email delivery. Your excellent customer service and prompt delivery is very much appreciated. Have already spent a few hours playing with (guitar) the styles and demo songs you provided. Very high quality stuff. They are just what I needed to help get me 'out of the box' and on to the next level of playing. - Frederick S. Fahrner Jr. - Santa Cruz CA

● I received the styles and I love them! They were everything that I expected and more. - Nick Conley - Redwood City CA

● "I just installed your Christmas Fake Book songs and style disk #3 on my Mac. Actually, that's not quite true - I installed them about 10:30 or 11, and have been playing along with them for the past 4 hours. Before I head off to catch a few hours sleep, I just wanted to let you know how much I've enjoyed the songs and what a great job you did with the styles. I know you've probably heard it before, but thanks for the great job!" - Rob Fish - Powell, Ohio

● Your style files are exellent! I am very pleased to listen your many styles. They will give me many many inspirations for me composing music or writing songs. - Mitsuru Yamazaki - Tokyo Japan

● I am compelled to write and let you know how much I am enjoying using your BB add on products. The care and musicality of their development has allowed me to take my compositions to new levels. Please continue developing new products!! The world (and hopefully your wallet) will thank you. Sincerely, Peter B. Bergman Production Manager Catsong Studio

● "Before I found Norton Styles I had no life. Now I still have no life, but at least there's a great soundtrack!" - Steve Cox, Memphis, TN

● "The fake book and disk are super ... I had a great time putting together some dance music in preparation for the fall season. The same cannot be said of many products, but yours really did deliver more than had been promised. Thanks a bunch." Brian Cavanagh - cavanaly@____.___

● "Just want to drop you a note about the new styles. The are terrific! These are you best yet. Everything has a full realistic sound. There is a style that works in almost everything I'm doing and they knock me out. ... They are a must for anyone who uses BIAB" - Mike Deeson - Tampa FL

● "...Thanks for a great product!" - Wayne Bollinger - Cary NC

● "Just wanted to drop you a note to say how much I enjoy your style disks. I had previously purchased 2 of your style disks. Within a week or two I found that they were the ones I ended up using 9 times out of 10. So I just bought a bunch more. You should warn people that your style disks are like drugs -- once you get a little, you're hooked! :)" - Dan Thomas - Placentia CA

● "As I am typing this note, I am listening to a BIAB melody which came from a relatively random assignment of chords and one of your styles. It doesn't feel like midi at all, but rather as if I had tapped into some internet radio station broadcasting a live concert of real musicians." - Henry Lefkowitz - Columbia MD

● "Both disks are installed and work properly. Great job, they sound very professional. Bravo!" - C. Miville Bois - Ville d'Anjou PC Canada

● "Thank you very much for the e mail delivery of my order for Norton Styles ... Wow!! that's a great way for delivery - everything done in less than a day. I'm already enjoying your styles having tried many of them out - it feels like Christmas time and it's most exciting to see all your new ideas... Thank you very much for all the fun and satisfaction that your programs bring. The style picker window update download is fabulous . Now I can see all your styles on the screen instead of having to go to your documentation - which is excellent too by the way." - John Potts - Elmvale, ON Canada

● "Everything is now cool - what great work! My very brief perusal was gratifying - can hardly wait for school to be out so I can really get into the new styles you wrote." - Dave Murray - Valley Center CA

● "I have tried out some of the files, and I must say that I am very satisfied... I shall use them for "Look up notes" in a Blues project I am working with now for a friend of mine, who are a Good Blues singer. It is also very helpful for the musicians who shall play on the project to have some ground to stand on. Without the work you have done here, this would have taken much more time. I am there for just glad, to also could pay for the work you have done here." - Bjørn Pedersen - Tromso Norway

● "I had a very brief chance to listen to a few of the files. Great work! makes even a cheap soundcard sound 100% better." - Mark Andrews - Hunt Valley MD

● "Everythings are OK and the new styles are installed. I can only say: ALL THE STYLES ARE REALLY GOOD AND PROFESSIONAL. Million times better than BIAB original." - Erkki Viinikka - Espoo Finland

● "Very nice styles that do offer something that is not redundant with PG styles." - Jeff Holman - Roseville MN

● "I had a very brief chance to listen to a few of the files. Great work! makes even a cheap soundcard sound 100% better. Now I'll have to save up to complete my set." - Mark Andrews - Springfield, MA

● "Whooooaaaaah Bob! You are a 'get-down' rocker for sure :) ... I really, truly, like your style disks ... they're so much better than PG's 'fluff'n stuff' - there's hope for BiaB with help from you! The fake book is too much for me to assimilate yet, but the songs I tried worked great." - Walter Hanna, Fallbrook, CA

● "Hello, received the download and everything is working great. I look forward to ordering more of your product. ... I was very impressed with your Styles Disk #10, and as I said before I look forward to ordering more of your products. Thank You." - Santiago Rodriguez, Riverside, CA

● "Just a note that I did get the download and it's working great. ... I love it, and I don't see how any musician can live without this." - Celeste Thurston, Baltimore, MD

● "... They are everything you advertise and more! Believe me when I say I'll be coming back from time to time 'til I get them all!! Thanks so much." - Don Gradin, Eldridge IA

● "Thanks! The styles are installed...they work...and, on the off-chance you hadn't noticed yourself, they're richer and generally more elegant than the BiaB styles pgmusic has." - M.R., Marco Island, FL

● "By the way, your styles are great. It's like eating a potato chip. You can't just stop by buying only one. I had to have them all." - Tony Sumy, Pittsfield, MA

● "Your styles definitely bring BB tracks up to a more professional level." - Keith Burrows -

● "You never cease to amaze me in your style creations. When you think of how many thousands there are, you still come up with very unique sounds." - Mel Webb, Las Vegas, NV

● "These styles are 'saucy and enchanting!' They really do expand the offerings in your collection and the jazz buffs are going to love the subtle extras you have all over the place, especially in percussion." - Steve Cox, Memphis TN

● "In case I haven't said it before, thanks for all of the work you have put into you BIAB products. My musical career would not be what is today without your excellent products." - Edgar L. Wade,

● "I received it Saturday and it is even more than I hoped for. Thanks a lot for the convenience and promptness of this transaction!" - Jerry D. Ward,

● "For those of us without the time or ability to setup new styles these are a Godsend." -

● "I just wanted to respond and say how much I appreciate the personal interest you've taken in me as a customer. I'm so impresed that I made sure to write this right away. ... Nowadays it is very rare to find business people who take genuine interest in their clients and customers. To put yourself in your clients shoes is a very admirable quality. ... Once again I would like to thank you and praise your business ethics. There should be more people like you. I look forward to making my next purchase from you knowing that I'll receive a good product and excellent service. Sincerely, ~ Don Barayuga" - donafied@....

● "Thanks for making Band-in-a-Box even more fun." - Scott Mansfield, Enumclaw WA

● "The (style) files were fine .. I now have amazing reggae versions of summertime .. and a wonderful funky Lover Man .. You did a great job .. thanks" - Robin and Judy Hobbes, Altrincham, England

● "Your new style disk was so good it kept me up to 3am!!!" - George Wooding ~

● "I really appreciate the time and effort you put into entering all those songs into Band in a Box. And I like the prompt way you replied to my order. After I spend a while playing with these songs, I will need to try some of your other products. Thanks again." - Harold "Hal" Knippenberg - Augusta, Ga

● "It is wonderfully refreshing to find that your musical enterprise, Norton Music, makes sure that customer satisfaction is indeed a top priority ... I will definitely let anyone that I know -- those who share our similar musical interests -- about your wide variety of services and products." - Marty Schwartz, Sherman Oaks, CA

● "Felicitations! Magnifique travail!" - Jean-Daniel Bercher - Switzerland

● "...Very well done!" - Dennis Breuner - San Diego, CA

● "I was pleasantly surprised Band-In-A-Box could sound as good as your styles made it." - Aeron Carre - Vancouver, Canada

● "You've added more enjoyment to my favorite computer program." - Michael Deeson - Tampa FL

● "...I must say I am really impressed by the quality of your Band-in-a-Box styles and I am looking forward to using your fake disk and book by playing the 'oldies' on my guitar accompanied by the computer band...your disk will certainly add a lot !" - J.P. de Hoog - The Netherlands

● "...You've created some really groovy material to work with..." - Virgil Dugger - N. Charleston, SC

● "Nice work, Bob!" - Stan Haywood - The Netherlands

● "We are using your styles - they work - good punch!" - H. Holmes - Palm Bch. Gardens, FL

● "Great Styles - real stuff I can use." - Rick Hubbard - Hilton Head, SC

● "I get compliments every time I play somewhere, and I give you credit." - John Keel - Davison, MI

● "They are superb...just a terrific job..." - Norman Krygier - West Seneca, NY

● "Even my wife likes my tunes now!" - David Norris-Elye - Toronto, Canada

● "Your styles disk boosts Band-In-A-Box to higher planes of usefulness." - John Rembetski - Austin, TX

● "...It helps me build my career." - M.J. Vedros - Alexandria, LA

● "Excellent styles, crisp & clear, live feel!" - Mel Webb - Las Vegas, NV (Winner of America Online's TOP 10 MIDI file authors award)

● "What can I say? Great stuff again, Bob! You've never disappointed me yet. Your styles are very alive; keep going!" -

● "Hi, I just received the syles disks which I ordered from you and am VERY impressed by their professionalism and versatility." - brtubb@____.___

● "Bonjour Bob: Holy smoke! What a variety of top quality styles! There is not a single one that I don't like. Are you by any chance like French wine, that is "the older the better"? I for one one definitely think so..." ~ Jean-Louis Belard, Morgantown WV

● "My favorite Birthday present this year? A Bob Norton styles disk for my Band-In-The-Box program. Your styles disks bring the sounds generated by Band-In-The-Box to a new level. Canned music without the can. As a composer and a musician, I find that I am pleased with the sounds that come out. I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for taking the time to put your musical expertise into a form that can be utilized by others . . . and especially me. Thanks!" - John Carlile -

● "Thanks for good user style-disks... By using BIAB disks and your disks, I am able, for the first time in my life, to play good music by myself. - Ng Tian Khean - SINGAPORE

● " was super! It's amazing what you can do with your aftermarket styles in only 5 minutes. It's no surprise that yours are widely recognized as the best!!" -

● "...and EVERYONE WHO HAS Band-In-A-Box SHOULD ALSO HAVE THOSE THIRD PARTY, NORTON MUSIC USER STYLES!!! They make a good thing (BIAB) even better. Much better. You can even gig with these styles. I answered his ad on AOL (screen name NotesNortn) and was I glad I did. They are the icing on the cake." - semitone@____.___

● "Ditto to the accolades for Norton Music's BIAB vaccine. I just got the new styles disk #4 and it's another winner. I started out on disk #1 and haven't missed one yet..." - JamesRocks@____.___

● "As usual, you have done a great job. These are real winners and may be the best disc you've done yet! I think these styles will be real helpful for any songwriters like me or performing musciains who are doing country or pop music...." - MikeD31851@____.___

● "Just a note to say thank you very much. I received the User Style disks this morning, installed them into BB and WOW! What an improvement on PG Music's styles, especially connected to the Roland JV 1080 sound module. I'm really itching to work with it, but it will have to wait 'till tomorrow. And from next week I'm on leave, so you'll know where to find me. Thank's once again for your prompt service. Give me time to work through this lot and then I'll place an order for the other disks." -

● "Norton gives us what Band In The Box needs most; styles that jump 'OUT of the box' and into your imagination!" ~ Steve Cox, Memphis, TN

● "In fact I will be recommending [in my new book] that people not even use Band-In-In-A-Box UNLESS THEY USE YOUR STYLES WITH IT! I'm not sure how you do it, but you make an average program turn into one on the "honor roll"! if you know what I mean. (I don't mean to say that all of PG's stuff is bad. They do hit a good style here & there.(jazz styles etc...)... but any musician that's honest would have to say that a lot of it is "square"). Your styles give it a more realistic, "live" feel.... thus the name of the program should then be changed to A-REAL-BAND-OUT-OF-THE-BOX"---- Maybe you should advertise.... "Is it LIVE...or is it NORTON? Guess that's already taken...Just a thought." ~ Keith Burrows - Trumpet Sound Music Productions - Terre Haute, IN

● "I just installed your styles and they work very nice. I just have to tell you that I couldn't imagine that Band-in-a-Box could sound like that. It's a great pleasure to work with these sounds." - Alfred Niederhofer, Regensburg, Germany

● "Thank you very much for your kindness in the middle of Christmas. I am really satisfied with these new styles, and my fake books are starting to really work as they should. I also have to say that I am very impressed over the work you have done with it, and I'm really looking forward to start to work with it in my studio. Not so very long time from now I will buy the rest of them, because I think they work perfectly as a back up for my artists. They sound right." Best regards from Bjørn "Worse" Pedersen

● "...meanwhile I had the time to listen to all the new styles I bought last week. They are marvelous!!! Thanks a lot! Ulrich Maier - Email: CUMaier@____.___

● "Everythings are OK and the new "superstyles" are installed. I must say, that your styles are the best ever made for BIAB. I really like them." ~ Erkki Viinikka - Espoo Finland

● "... Also, have had a chance to quickly go through the styles, and they sound GREAT. Thanks a lot!" - Darcy Brand - Calgary AB Canada

● "Thanks very much your styles are very good. will be ordering more soon." - Kevin Ryan - Victoria BC Canada

Here are the titles of all of the tunes contained in this disk and/or book:

"Linked" titles are free samples and are exactly as they appear in the fake disk.


• Ac-Cent-Tchu-Ate The Positive
• After You've Gone
• After You
• Ain't Misbehavin'
• Ain't That A Kick In The Head
• Aisha
• All My Tomorrows
• All Or Nothing At All
• All The Way
• Allan June Ally
• Alone Too Long
• Along Came Betty
• Always And Forever
• Among My Souvenirs
• Amor (Amor, Amor, Amor)
• Antigua
• Aquelllos Ojos Verdes
• Aren't You Glad You're You
• As Long As I Live
• At long Last Love
• At Sundown
• Autumn In 3


• Baia (Bahia)
• Ballad For Trane
• Bark For Barksdale
• Be Careful, It's My Heart
• Bein' Green
Bernie's Tune
• Besame Mucho
• Best Thing For You (The)
• Best Things In Life Are Free (The)
• Between The Devil and The Deep Blue Sea
• Beyond The Blue Horizon
• Bijou
• Bitches Brew
• Blackberry Winter
• Blessing (The)
• Blossom Fell (A)
• Blue Bird
• Blue Champagne
• Blue Prelude
• Bolivia
• Born To Be Blue
• Bossa Antigua
• Brazil
• Breakin' Away
• Breeze And I (The)
• Bud Powell
• Buzzy
• By Myself
• Bye Bye Baby


• Caldonia
• Careful
• Cariba
• Celia
• Change Partners
• Cheek To Cheek
• Cheetah
• Cheryl
• Chicago (That Toddlin' Town)
• Come Fly With Me
• Continuum
• Copenhagen
• Cottage For Sale (A)
• Crazy He Calls Me
• Crazy
• Creole Love Call (The)
• Cry Me A River


• Dark Eyes
• Day Dream
• Deed I Do
• Dig
• Diminushing
• Don't Ever Go Away
• Don't Know Why
• Don't Take Your Love From Me
• Don't Worry About Me
• Dream Dancing
• Dreamer's Holiday (A)
• Dreamy
• Drop Me Off In Harlem


• Early Morning Mood
• East Of The Sun (And West Of The Moon)
• East St. Louis Toodle-oo
• East To Wes
• Easy Street
• Eleven Four
• Elogie
• End Of A Love Affair
• Ev'ry Time We Say Goodbye
• Everything Happens To Me
• Everything I Love
• Exactly Like You


• Face I Love (The)
• Falling In Love Again
• Feel Like Makin' Love
• Fields Of Gold
• Fine And Mellow
• For Every Man There's A Woman
• Freckle Face
• From This Moment On
• Full Moon And Empty Arms
• Funkallero


• Get Happy
• Glad To Be Unhappy
• Glory Of Love (The)
• Gone With The Wind
• Good Man Is Hard To Find (A)
• Good Morning Heartache
• Got A Match


• H & H
• Happy Hunting Horn
• Hard Hearted Hanna
• Harlem Nocturne
• Haunted Heart
• Heart And Soul
• Heat Wave
• Here's To My Lady
• High Hopes
• Hit That Mess
• Hooray For Love
• How Are Things In Glocca Morra
• How Deep Is The Ocean


• I Ain't Got Nobody
• I Ain't Got Nothin' But The Blues
• I Can't Believe That You're In Love With Me
• I Concentrate On You
• I Could Have Danced All Night
• I Cried For You
• I Didn't Know What Time It Was
• I Don't Know Enough About You
• I Don't Know Why (I Just Do)
• I Don't Want To Walk Without You
• I Found A Million Dollar Baby
• I Got A Right To Sing The Blues
• I Got The Sun In The Morning
• I Guess I'll Hang My Tears Out To Dry
• I Hear Music
• I Keep Going Back To Joe's
• I Left My Heart In San Francisco
• I Like The Likes Of You
• I Wanna Be Loved
• I Wish I Were In Love Again
• I Wish You Love
I Wished On The Moon
• I Won't Dance
• I'll Be Around
• I'll Be Seeing You
• I'll Close My Eyes
• I'll Get By (As Long As I Have You)
• I'll Take Romance
• I'm Always Chasing Rainbows
• I'm Glad There Is You
• I'm Hip
• I'm Old Fashioned
• I'm Sitting On Top Of The World
• I've Got My Love To Keep Me Warm
• I've Got The World On A String
• I've Got You Under My Skin
• I've Grown Accustomed To Her Face
• I've Heard That Song Before
• I've Never Been In Love Before
• If I Didn't Care
• Ill Wind (You're Blowin' Me No Good)
• In A Little Spanish Town
• In Her Family
• In Love In Vain
• In The Cool, Cool, Cool Of The Evening
• Indian Summer
• Interchange
• Isfahan
• It All Depends On You
• It Never Entered My Mind
• It Only Happens When I Dance With You
• It's A Big Wide Wonderful World
• It's A Good Day
• It's A Lovely Day Today
• It's A Most Unusual Day
• It's Been A Long, Long Time
• It's De-Lovely
• It's Impossible
• It's So Nice To Have A Man Around The House
• It's The Talk Of The Town
• It's Too Late
• It's You Or No One


• Jamba
• James
• Java Jive
• Jersey Bounce
• Jive Samba (The)
• Just A Gigolo
• Just Squeeze Me
• Just The Two Of Us


• Kickin' The Gong Around


• L-O-V-E
• Lady Is A Tramp (The)
• Lady's In Love With You (The)
• Lazy Afternoon
• Lazy Bones
• Learnin' The Blues
• Let There Be Love
• Let's Face The Music And Dance
• Let's Get Away From It All
• Line For Lyons
• Line Games
• Linger Awhile
• Little Girl Blue
• Little Shoes
• Little White Lies
• Little Willie Leaps
• Look Of Love (The)
• Look To The Rainbow
• Lost In The Stars
• Love Is A Simple Thing
• Love Letters
• Love Me Or Leave Me
• Love Nest (The)
• Love You Madly
• Lover, Come Back To Me
• Lullaby Of The Leaves


• Makin' Whoopee
• Mambo #5
• Man That Got Away(The)
• Manhattan
• Marmaduke
• Mas Que Nada
• Masquerade Is Over (I'm Afraid The)
• Masquerade
• Maybe I Should Change My Ways
• Mayreh
• Mean To Me
• Meaning Of The Blues (The)
• Midnight Sun
• Milestones
• Mimi
• Mona Lisa
• Moon And Sand
• Moonlight Becomes You
• Moonlight In Vermont
• Moonlight Saving Time (There Ought To Be)
• More (Ti Guardero Nel Cudred)
• More I Cannot Wish You
• Mountain Greenery
• My Baby Just Care For Me
• My Blue Heaven
• My Heart Belongs To Daddy
• My Heart Stood Still
• My Ideal
• My Lucky Star
• My Man
• My Melancholy Baby
• My Silent Love
• My Sin


• Nancy - With The Laughing Face
• Never Let Me Go
• Nevertheless (I'm Still In Love With You)
• Night We Called It A Day (The)
• Nightingale Sang In Barkeley Square (A)
• No Moon At All
• Nobody Else But Me
• Norwegian Wood


• Odd Couple (The)
• Old Cape Cod
• On A Clear Day
• On A Slow Boat To China
• On The Street Where You Live
• On The Sunny Side Of The Street
• One For My Baby
• Out Of This World


• Party's Over (The)
• Passport
• People
• Perhaps
• Poincianna
• Poor Butterfly
• Pretend
• Pretty Girl Is Like A Melody (A)
• Pure Imagination
• Put On A Happy Face


• Quiza's, Quizas, Quizas


• Rainbow Connection (The)
• Re- Person I Knew
• Red Top
• Reflections in D
• Revelation
• Ridin' High
• Rifftide
• Rockin' Chair
• Romance Without Finance
• Room 608
• Rose Room
• Rosewood


• S.O.S.
• Samba De Orfeu
• Save The Bones For Henry Jones
• Say It Isn't So
• Say It With Music
• Seems Like Old Times
• Segment
• Sentimental Me
• Shawnuff
• Shoo Fly Pie And Apple Pan Dowdy
• Sing, You Sinners
• Single Petal Of A Rose (The)
• Sister Sadie
• Skylark
• Sleepin' Bee (A)
• Small Fry
• Small World
• So Danco Samba
• So In Love
• Soft Lights and Sweet Music
• Somebody Loves You
• Something Wonderful
• Sometimes I'm Happy
• Song For Helen
• Song For Strayhorn
• Song Is Ended (The)
• Song Of The Jet
• Soon It's Gonna Rain
• Spring Can Really Hang You Up The Most
• Spring Will Be A Little Late This Year
• Squeeze Me
• Stablemates
• Stay As Sweet As You Are
• Steeplechase
• Steppin' Out With My Baby
• Stormy Weather
• Sweet And Lovely
• Swinging On A Star


• Take Ten
• Taste Of Honey (A)
• Teach Me Tonight
• Teen Town
• Telephone Song
• Ten Cents A Dance
• Tender Trap (Love Is The)
• That Old Black Magic
• That Old Feeling
• Theme For Ernie
• There Are Such Things
• There Goes My Heart
• There's A Mingus Amonk Us
• They Say It's Wonderful
• Things Ain't What They Used To Be
• This Can't Be Love
• This Could Be The Start Of Something Big
• This Is All I Ask
• Three Little Words
• Thrill Is Gone (The)
• Time After Time
• Time Was
• Too Close For Comfort
• Too Late Now
• Toot, Toot, Tootsie! (Good-Bye!)
• Touch Of Your Lips (The)
• Trick
• Try To Remember
• Two Of A Mind


• Un Poco Loco
• Unforgettable
• Upside Downside


• Very Thought Of You (The)
• Violets For Your Furs
• Visit (The)


• Wail
• Walk On The Wild Side
• Walkin' My Baby Back Home
• Watermelon Man
• What A Diff'rence A Day Made
• What A Wonderful World
• What Did I Have That I Don't Have
• What I Did For Love
• What Now My Love
• When The Sun Comes Out
• When You're Smiling
• Where Or When
• While We're Young
• Whistle While You Work
• White Cliffs Of Dover (The)
• Whittlin'
• Who's Afraid Of The Big Bad Wolf
• Why Did I Choose You
• Why Don't You Do Right
• Why Try To Change Me Now
• Will You Still Be Mine
• Wintersong
• Witchcraft
• With Every Breath I Take
• Wouldn't It Be Loverly
• Wrap Your Troubles In Dreams


• Yes Indeed
• You Belong To Me Heart
• You Better Go Now
• You Made Me Love You
• You're Blase
• You're Driving Me Crazy!
• You're Mine You
• You've Changed
• Younger Than Springtime

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